Colour Keys

“Colors, like features, follow the changes of the emotions.” – Pablo Picasso

Colour has a powerful influence on our senses and our surroundings; it can spur us into action or encourage us to rest, complement our social impulses or reflect our need to disengage from the world for a while.

What your colour choices say about you:

RED: Stimulating. Exciting. Intense. Passionate. Makes a statement. Incites action.

ORANGE: Enthusiasm. Earthy. Confident. Promotes energy.

YELLOW: Sunshine. Happiness. Optimism. Intellectual. Stimulates conversation.

GREEN: Refreshing. Serene. Positive. Fresh. Promotes healing.

PALE BLUE: Peaceful. Calming. Cool. Encourages harmony and relaxation.

INDIGO: Classic. Decisive. Serious. A touch melancholy.

VIOLET: Dramatic. Luxurious. Inspires creativity.

LILAC: Connection. Compassion.  Tranquility. Grace.

PINK: Sweet.  Joyous. Exotic. Represents love and affection.



Flexible. Unifying. Elegant.

GREY: Calm. Security. Stability. Dependable. Balance. Timeless.

BROWN: Cozy. Rugged. Traditional. Comforting.

BLACK: Formal. Dark. Powerful. Mysterious. Sophisticated.

WHITE: Peace. Purity. Simplicity. Cleanliness. Contrast.